What are your direct licensing guidelines?

  1. Direct Licensing Guidelines

1.1 These are the direct licensing guidelines of Benny Martin - Wedding & Event Pianist. At present we do not have the capacity to directly licence any of our sound recordings or music videos for public performance or transmission.

1.2 Given the legal and administrative costs involved with direct licensing we are unable to offer direct licenses at competitive rates  for public performance or transmission. We will review our position every 12 months to consider whether the size and skill base of our organisation enables us to engage in direct licensing.

1.3  In the meantime, if you require a licence for the public performance or transmission of one of our sound recordings or music videos you should contact the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) at www.ppca.com.au or call +61 (02) 8569 1111.


Are you able to accompany someone singing or playing an instrument either during our Ceremony or for another part of the Wedding day?

Yes, this is never a problem. I am a fully trained and experienced accompanist in addition to being a solo performer. The logistics of rehearsals (if needed) prior to the Wedding Day can be arranged according to your own requirements, and needn’t incur any extra charge.

We are having some classical pieces for our wedding. Are you able to provide a Violinist or Celloist ?

If you require a Celloist to compliment your wedding ceremony, Benny has teamed up with Margarita Iourgaeva, a well known Cello Teacher, Orchestra & Chamber Music Performer in Melbourne.

For violinist Benny has partnererd with Alexsandra, a current member of the MSO.

Additional costs will be required for the hire of Margarita or Alexsandra.

Are you able to advise us on choosing music for our Wedding Day

I am very happy to help as much or as little as needed when it comes to choosing music for your Wedding Day. The good news is that there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choices, as you must choose music that feels right for you, especially for the Ceremony. I can offer free impartial advice and suggestions, either over the phone, via email or in person should you wish to come and have a free consultation.

Can you move from one position to another during the course of the day?

Yes, this is no trouble. If you would like me to play for more than one part of your Wedding Day (for example the Ceremony and Drinks Reception), then I simply move my piano and equipment from one position to another as required. I can do this on my own, however assistance from one or more ushers is always appreciated! With some help, it only takes about 10-15 minutes to complete this procedure.

We are having a church ceremony – can you play the piano or organ in the Church?

I am experienced at playing both for civil ceremonies and church ceremonies. If you are planning a church ceremony, I can bring and play my own piano for some or all parts of the service. Hymns work particularly well on the Piano and I am well used to accompanying congregations for hymn singing. If your chosen church has an organ I can also play this for you either in addition to or instead of the piano. Some churches have their own organists but most are happy to allow outside musicians to fill this role. So in short, I can play the piano, the organ, or a mixture of both!

Are you able to accomodate themed events?

I am always happy to work within the theme of a particular function or event wherever I can. With such a large range of music at my disposal I can usually put together a playlist containing appropriate music for your theme.

Do you play at private houses?

Yes, this is possible. Sometimes there is a piano available which I am always happy to use. If no piano is available, I can bring my own piano with me. having a pianist play for you ‘in your house’ for a party is an innovative way to create a fantastic atmosphere – and will certainly have all the guests impressed!

Can you supply a piano? Our venue doesn’t have one

I can supply a portable digial stage piano RD700NX with PA speakers at no additional cost.

Can you play outside?

My digital piano can easily be set up outside – weather permitting! I always bring with me the necessary extension leads to ensure that most outside positions are possible. Should power not be available not a problem! I have a battery / Power inverter to power my keyboard and PA system.