How do we/I go about compiling a playlist of music?

There are a number of ways that you can create playlists of music for your Wedding or Event. If you have downloaded one of my Repertoire Lists then you will see that I have a large range of music available in my repertoire.

Using one of these lists to guide you, you might like to:

  • Go through the list selecting the exact pieces you would like – or –
  • Choose a selection of pieces leaving me to ‘fill in the gaps’ with pieces of music in a similar style – or –
  • Ask me to select pieces according to specific styles that you choose

In other words, you are welcome to be as prescriptive or as general as you like. A good function pianist is able to ‘read the mood’ of a room, and so I always try to enhance and compliment the atmosphere with my choices of music, even if working to a list that has been previously selected.