From April 2017 Benny is excited to offer the option of hiring a Baby Grand Piano Shell available in white. This lightweight and easily transportable piano will bring style and prestige to any occasion, giving your event the ‘wow’ factor.   And, the great news is, unless you look very closely both you and your guests would never know it wasn’t a real baby grand piano!

The Dutchgrand baby grand piano is the first of it’s kind in Australia where the legs of the piano shell, fold and lock into the body of the piano all in one. It is visually stunning with a beautiful, gloss finish empty baby grand piano cabinet and holds my Roland professional digital stage piano (FP30) within it sampling some of the best concert grand pianos.

The Grand Piano shell can be hired for less than a third of the price of hiring a real grand piano . Your ears and eyes will be amazed!

Alternatively have Benny play at your upcoming event with a stunning baby grand white piano!

How Large Is the Piano Shell?

The shell measures:  Depth: 100cm, Width: 146cm, Insidewidth: 142cm, Height: 25cm folded in, 85cm folded out and weighs 22kg

The Dutchgrand baby grand is easily transportable by one person in a large car, station wagon, SUV or small van. It is lightweight with folding legs and can be assembled in less than 5 minutes and will fit into small spaces. It requires only a little more space than a digital keyboard in that it’s one metre in depth. The sound is crystal clear as it powers to a very powerful state of the art external speaker.